We believe in the potential of education to transform people's lives and promote lasting social changes. We want to use our resources, our networks and knowledge to promote ideas and projects with social impact and multiply their benefits.

Our history

We were born from an experience of almost 20 years acting as Machado Meyer office in the field of corporate social responsibility, with tens of thousands of Brazilians beneficiaries. We are permanently stimulated by a corporate culture in which success depends directly on people's training and educational updating.

We support initiatives that aim to improve education in Brazil. Our financial contribution takes place through incentive laws or investments with direct funding, but our engagement in the projects does not end there.

We are partners in a network that seeks to encourage the exchange of experiences among organizations, the construction and consolidation of good management and governance practices and the development of financial sustainability in the third sector, because transforming the reality of education in Brazil demands constant experimentation and learning from everyone engaged in this challenge.

Young people smilling in theather


Serving society, through education – in all its forms, as an opportunity catalyst for transforming realities.


We want to be recognized as promoters of ideas and impact projects in the following dimensions:

  • Education
  • Donation culture
  • Defense of social causes before the public policy makers



We transform realities with sympathy, respect for diversity and recognition for individual achievements. Our work is done by people for people. They are at the heart of everything we do.


Complex problems require creative solutions. Through partnerships combining different specialties, talents and experiences, we believe it is possible to promote positive changes in communities and people's lives.


We act with integrity, in compliance with the law and our values. We believe that clear and transparent communication builds trust and drives good results.


Our work is guided by the principle of equity. We act to promote projects suited to the individuality of different situations and capable of promoting justice.


We network to share knowledge, experiences and best practices. Joining forces with partner entities makes us more innovative and agile to develop solutions and multiply results.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors, made up of partners of Machado Meyer, a member of the firm's Board of Directors and guests from civil society, defines the strategic direction of the institute's activities and supervises its activities.

Raquel Novais
Raquel Novais
Moshe B. Sendacz
Moshe B. Sendacz
Raquel Novais
Beatriz Alli
Fernanda Sá]
Fernanda Sá
Fernando Tonanni]
Fernando Tonanni
José Prado
José Prado
Tito Andrade
Tito Andrade

Executive Board

Adriana Pallis
Adriana Pallis
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro
Helena Rabetghe
Helena Rabethge

The Executive Board is responsible for managing and coordinating our actions.